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Urination and Your Yard


Is there anything I can do to keep my yard from turning brown where my dog urinates?


Unfortunately, the ammonia that occurs naturally and normally in dog urine is what is killing your grass. Other than following your dog with a hose and rinsing the areas where he urinates, there’s not much you can do.

And chasing your dog with a hose may cause a whole new set of problems. It could make your dog nervous about going to the bathroom outdoors, which can cause house soiling, or it could make him think that he’s playing a game with you every time he goes out, which could make his trips to the back yard last a long time. You could also try watering your lawn more frequently with sprinklers; this may dilute the urine a bit.

There are some medications and home remedies available for dogs that users claim will keep the grass green. These treatments have never been scientifically proven to work, however.

The best thing you can do for your lawn is to pick one area that you’re willing to sacrifice and train him to use that area exclusively. Just go out with him for a while and stand by the area you want him to use. Reward him every time he uses the spot for a few weeks, until you’re confident he’s gotten the idea.